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Tips on keeping your pets safe during the 4th of July


QUINCY (WGEM) – It’s the dog days of summer as Tri-State residents prepare to celebrate the country’s Independence Day. But, this time of year is far from a celebration for man’s best friend.

With fireworks season taking place, the loud noises can evoke panic, frustration, and fear for some, especially your pets.

Quincy Humane Society’s Executive Director Pilar Brumbaugh said fireworks can spark anxiety, sometimes causing pets to run away to escape the sounds. She said you can’t control what your neighbors do, but you can control your pets. Turning on your TV or radio can help drown out the frightening sound. If you plan to enter and exit quite a bit, keep them in a separate room to prevent pets from escaping.

“You’re going to know your pet best,” Brumbaugh said. “What we always recommend is if we think that one cat or dog is going to have more anxiety or have issues with the loud noises or even the vibrations depending on where the sounds are coming from, talk to your vet and see if there’s possibly an opportunity for medication.”

Brumbaugh said don’t forget to monitor your pet to prevent them from ingesting harmful party food, and make sure your pet is microchipped in case they do run away out of fear.

You can find out more about fireworks safety and regulations in Illinois here.

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